Episode 10: Elliot Trotter Part 1

Photo by Don Lazci

Episode 10: Elliot Trotter, Journey of the Ultimate Globe Trotter

I got to sit down with Elliot Trotter for this week’s episode, which I split into two episodes after chatting with Elliot for nearly three hours. I first met Elliot at the University of Puget Sound when he was captaining the UPS Postmen. Since college Elliot has played for teams all around the world including Seattle Voodoo, the Seattle Rainmakers (MLU), the Boracay Dragons, Melbourne’s Heads of State, Furious George, Australian National Men’s team at WCBU and currently with the beach team Ocean City Humiliswag and Sub Zero.

Most people will know Elliot from Skyd, an online ultimate magazine that he founded in 2010. In part one of the interview, we talked a lot about Skyd and also Elliot’s current project, Ultimate Globe Trotter. UGT is a travel show where Elliot travels around the world to compete with teams and explore the cultures they live in. If you haven’t had a chance to check out the show go and watch a couple of episodes, they are a ton of fun and definitely worth the watch. I’m having trouble coming up with a favorite episode because they are all great but Episode 1 with the Boracay Dragons is fantastic start to the series.

Don’t forget to check back next week for part two of my interview with Elliot.

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  • Elliot’s Introduction into Ultimate [2:40]
  • Getting started at Cu1timate and the first ideas of Skyd[14:50]
  • Behind the name Skyd [18:40]
  • The start of Skyd [22:10]
  • Skyd’s first Nationals and getting into live streaming [32:00]
  • Skyd pivoting into focus more on video and personal stories [36:30]
  • Stepping down from the role of Editor and Chief [43:48]
  • On creating content for ultimate [48:40]
  • Ultimate Globe Trotter [54:14]
  • Integrating with teams [1:15:14]
  • Problems with Fundraisers [1:26:31]

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